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Friday, 15 January 2010

Now why did I buy that?

Have been considering a series of posts on my shopping habits.

I get most of the things I wear and use from charity shops, flea markets, freecycle, car boot sales and just saying yes to things when people are throwing out. I enjoy it. You never quite know what you get and you have to be creative with what you have got. But you all know that already!

so when I saw the box of 10 dolls "in colourful native costume"

I ummed and arred and wondered.

Then the chap shouted out "just £3 for the lot"

Now I am not a big doll person. I like rag dolls and I have made some dolls but I am not big on softies and dolls.

So why on earth did these come home with me?

I had justified it by the time I got home. My 3 year old will be invited to parties and I could drees the dolls as fairies for gifts.

I can usually justify it.

Mind you, have another look at the pictures, Miss Sweden looks like it was a rough night and Miss Greece is still completely out of it!

Is it just me that buys things and not sure why?


Amanda said...

Oh you made me laugh (painful at the moment). My weakness is saying "Don't throw that out, i'll make something with it". This means I come home with allsorts of odd stuff. Sometimes I do actually make something from them! I like your idea of renovating the dolls as gifts. Love, Amanda xxx

jackie said...

I'm sure you will come up with a good use for these one day. I usually don't buy, and then regret it later.

Catherine said...

Not being funny or anything but they are just a little bit, um, terrifying! You made me laugh calling them by their Beauty Queen names though - I'm guessing they had a big knees-up the night before the main catwalk show and are all a little the worse for wear!
x x x

French Knots said...

No doubt you'll find a use for them, might be when you're 80 though!!