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Thursday, 14 January 2010

A moment of spontaneity.

It all felt a bit strange today.The children are back to school and nursery and the house is quiet.
Right then, I thought, what shall I do?
..... and as I walked over to my stuff to choose something I realised that there were way too many unfinished projects lying around.
Mind you its not difficult to pick things back up when they are to be made with this fab Paula Ozier fabric.
I think that I am maybe cutting the piece too small really for the print of the fabric but hey ho, I have started now.
I am feeling like I have a very long "list" of things to finish at the moment.
New year is supposed to start anew but it seems to me that its finishing off lots of things.
Having had a morning doing some sewing I picked up the 3 year old in the car.
I know that sounds quite normal but I am such a wuss when it comes to driving the car on ice that I have just been walking everywhere. I have walked my little legs off over the past couple of weeks and it was with great joy I loaded kids in the car to take them to school.
( We normally cycle to school)
so when I returned to pick up the 3 year old I felt a sudden rush of spontaneity.
where shall we go? I cheered but she didn't really have many suggestions
The world is our oyster as long as we are back for the boys.
Still no answer from the back seat.
I was winding up for some big road trip and she just said she needed a wee. we ended up at Waitrose for lunch!
I feel it was an opportunity missed.
(at least it wasn't Tescos!)

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