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Thursday, 11 February 2010

7 days

I have had a lovely 7 days thanks t a swap organised by Ali. My swap partner was Amanda.
so the box arrived and I knew what it was but I didn't burst into it instantly as Amanda hadn't received hers, somehow it didn't seem right to open it if she couldn't open hers and the other reason being the day it arrived I had a migraine and a sick 9 year old so all we could cope with was sitting wrapped up watching, well in my case eyes closed listening to old Sarah Jane mysteries on the iplayer.
The box sat there til later.
Till the 3 year old and the 5 year old arrived back home and had started an argument about something highly important to them. I needed them to stop quickly.
I needed the box.
"Whats inside this?" I said ( feeling rather super mummy at stopping the argument instantly, if only you could just whip out a box every time!)
"Shoes" said the 5 year old 9 (well it is a shoe box so good guess)
"Magic" said the 3 year old ( I wish....)
"nope" I said and I opened the box. Picture 2 angelic faces peering in.
I took out the first gift and having wrestled it back form them we proceeded to rip it open bearing in mind that my priority was to save the lovely paper and theirs was to get to the present.
Mind you once I saw what it was I pulled the paper off pretty quickly. It s a beautiful pocket. I knew straight away what this was for... my iPod. I have recently inherited j's iPod as he now has an iPhone. I am not a big gadget person, we don't even have a microwave or a dishwasher. Mostly these things just pass me by but I have been angling for his iPod for a while. I didn't want my own as it would have to arrive as a Christmas or a birthday gift and in my eyes that would be a waste of a gift because if I could just persuade j that he needed a new one then I could just have his old one. It was with quite a formal ceremony when he bought the new phone home from work and transferred the iPod to me!
gosh I bet you are glad to be reading such exciting events in my life... anyway so I needed an iPod cover and this one is lovely!The next day came a lovely pin cushion. Such lovely soft colours and made with soft wool. its almost as soft and squeezy rather like a stress ball (only take the pins out first!)Next came a lovely brooch (only a tiny bit of sun on the windowsill that day!)Some beautiful machine embroidery threads. Amanda trying to distract me from my LIST.
A beautiful button heart, can you see what a lovely soft sense of colour Amanda has?A charming brooch rather like a PansyAnd finally a wonderful little pudgy bird who looks down on me from the top of one of the bookshelvesNow that I put it all back into the box I think the 3 year old was right at the beginning, it was a box of magic.
Thanks Amanda.

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