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Saturday, 13 February 2010

birds it was probably about 15 minutes after finishing this post about sticking to the list that I had the papers and scissors out to make a decoration for the front door. This is a sideways way of showing you that I had this book for Christmas and had been itching to use it. Its a book of patterns based on folk patterns. It has a disc with it so that you can print out the papers you want. I see stacks of beautiful papers at craft shop but they always strike me with a complete inability to choose one and then its impossible to use them. This way I can print them out as I need them.
I thought about writing a tutorial for this but as all I did was cut out some birds, leaves and hearts. then strung them up on blue wool with some bells. the only clever bit which I forgot to take a photo of is where i stuck the string to the door. I used a very unattractive splodge of blue tac to attatch the string but then pressed a button onto it which covers the blue tac beautifully.
Its added a bit of fun to a very ordinary door on a very ordinary house.

One day I will have a fancy door with beautiful stained glass but then I will probably still just decorate it with bits of paper and wool!

Each time I walk through the hall it makes me smile!


Catherine said...

OH that's so pretty!
I'm a bit frightened of papery craft things - I find it all so intimidating! When you look in craft mags at the lists of stuff you need and it's a load of stuff you haven't heard of. Although I really really want one of those Sizzix things. They appear to rock
x x x

French Knots said...

A simple idea that looks really effective and the button to hide blu tac idea is genius!

angharad handmade said...

Such a pretty idea! I've earmarked some pretty printable papers on my wishlist at amazon, just haven't quite managed to justify treating myself yet!
Hope you're enjoying half term.