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Monday, 29 March 2010

Broderie anglaise

There is some serious broderie angalise love going on around here at the moment.

I seem to be putting it on everything.

I even have some that looks handmade.


saganaga said...

these are so lovely ! i look forward to seeing what you make with them :)

Amy said...

Oooh pretty! My mums just given me a Broderie Anglaise dress, it must be a Spring thing!

spicyapplepie said...

I adore broderie anglaise, it is so delicate! look forward to seeing your projects!

Anonymous said...

embroidery anglaise always makes me think of summer. What are you using all those fab fabrics on?

jackie said...

Very nostaligic - I used to have a dress made of this - not by hand I'm sure. Yes, the spray attachments are v. useful.