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Thursday, 1 April 2010


Its April 1st and time to do another focus.This might be a bit of a reflective one so be warned!

Not much happening on the quilt so we can forget that. I need to buy some more fabric so it has come to a halt.

Mostly working on the exhibition. I am fearful of putting up more picture of endless white embroidery but here are some more. Before you hit the unsubscibe button I promise tomorrows will contain colour!

I am not sure how I feel about it all at the moment.
I sold a piece from the hospital exhibition and was hit by the whole issue of "why on earth would someone buy one of them?" I have big issues with the whole selling thing and try to keep in my mind that I am not making these to sell but to satisfy myself. I get so much joy from stitching the little things and fiddling with the scraps of fabric. Then I remind myself about the exhibition and wonder why i am doing it if I do not take into account selling them. The exhibition keeps pushing me to make more which is a good thing but then I have to produce a price list which is a bad thing.
So why am I putting them out there for people to see?....
approval.... ?
NO............ not going down that road all getting a bit too reflective now!
Actually I thing the biggest problem is having too much time to think about it.
I will go and put my mind to the delightful job of changing the sheets on the beds.
That's it.... the answer... its all just housework avoidance!


Emma said...

I would say that the person who brought your art thought how clever you were, and felt that by buying it from you, she or he would have a piece of your wonderful talent to look at in their home..x

stuffednonsense said...

i struggle with similar issues...except i find myself thinking why are you buying it? its very easy to make yourself why dont you give it a try yourself and then its a vicous cycle!! but emma is right, the person that brought your work from the hospital saw the talent behind it and how lovely it was. people are more appreciative of our talents than we are...i think thats just how it wokrs.
how have you been?? if your in cheltenham sometime stop by the shop...i'll put the kettle on!!lots of exciting things are happening!

Anonymous said...

Your work is great, not surprise some one bought a piece. Its wonderful that people still love and appreciate them in this materialistic world of ours. Congratulations!

Chrissie said...

Isn't it strange, we all have those thoughts don't we? But, like the others, I can only say that someone saw your work and wanted to treasure it. Nothing wrong with a fine compliment like that!

Jackie said...

I wouldn't worry about it. You like making, people like buying. Even the greatest artists of the past worked for money!