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Friday, 5 March 2010


I have 2 friends planning weddings at the moment. This is good fun as I get to talk about all sorts of girly things without any of the stress! One of them sent me things link for a bouquet of flowers made from brooches.
Even with my blinkers on trying to stay focused I had to try that!
I had a quick rummage through the old jewellery and bead box, found some old sparkly broocehs that belong to an earlier, more Madonna inspired part of my life and wired them together. A bit of ribbon to finish it off.
Ok... so mine wont be going down the aisle and its a little smaller that the real ones but its a spring time posy to cheer. It needs a few more colours but its one of those things that I love a ridiculous amount!
considering I spent about 15 minutes on it...


Anonymous said...

What fun love your sparkly posy!

Sal said...

That is really pretty!!
It's amazing what a bit of imagination can do!

spicyapplepie said...

Oh it is so pretty! How wonderful!