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Sunday, 7 March 2010

How many makes a collection?

Have I ever shown you my collection of painted stained glass?

Ok so its only a collection of 2 but its a start...

They are made by Annie Rie. They hang in the kitchen window and when I am washing up they have the power to transport me. I notice them again at this time of the year as the light changes and comes in through that window more.


Amy said...

They're beautiful, a great start to the collection! Lurve the trees :D

Paula Ozier said...

Ooooh, they are so pretty! I particularly love the second one with the row of trees. Did you watch the Master Crafts show about stained glass last week? I had to spend the whole time talking myself out of signing up for a course, I so do NOT need another hobby!

Chrissie said...

They must have been lovely with the sun shining through them over the past few days. I do love the one with the trees so much!

Ravenhill said...

definitely a collection, small and exclusive. They are lovely!
♥ emily

angharad handmade said...

Beautiful glass collection - I particularly like the trees, stunning!