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Thursday, 8 April 2010

10 year old

so what do you make for a 10 year old?

Last year was Yoda

this year its Artoo..

It started with this
but it grew a bit!

I know he is a bit wonky but just about recognisable.
I think I should put this book on the list!


Julia said...


Emily said...

R2 is great! My son would love to have one of those too! Hope your son had a lovely birthday. :o)

Catherine said...

Ha, they are lovely! I made Isla wade through my sewing books to tell me what she wanted, and she chose her fabrics. She wants a little soft elephant toy - luckily doesn't look too tricky. Buttons for eyes and everything, very sweet. Course, it being Easter, I have little choice but to make it right under her nose. Well. Serves 'em right for being on holiday!
x x x