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Friday, 2 April 2010

Birthday bunting

Yet another distraction.

The 9 year old is shortly to become the 10 year old.
I have been wanting to make a birthday countdown for a while.
I actually wanted to make one that had little windows you had to open rather like an old fashioned Christmas one but I couldn't decide what to put in the little windows.
It has been one of those things I have been thinking about a lot and then realised birthdays were approaching fast and that I just had to make something. I decided to just make a quick one with bunting and button on numbers so it was back to the good old felt.
It hangs above the fireplace and even though he is going to be 10 and too old to do lots of things he isn't too old to skip downstairs each morning and button on the next number!


two hippos said...

what fun, pre birthday bunting! Hope you have a wonderful Easter:)

Amy said...

That looks great, I wouldn't have thought of making a birthday countdown, but it adds to the excitement! Xx

wsxwhx700 said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

moss stitch said...

Great idea!
Happy Birthday, 10 seems such a big one! Have a great day.

Catherine said...

Ooh I like - my 4 year old is very shortly to become a 5 year old, I might do the same thing! She would love that.
If I can get in that sewing room and get on with it, that is...!
x x x