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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

new shoots

The Delicious Miss Dahl just doesn't do it for me.

However the delightful Ms Alys Fowler has me in the palm of her hands!
I am really enjoying her series on the Edible Garden.
I am surrounded by very good gardeners who have all waited eagerly for me to show a bit of inteterest but rather like housework I enjoy the benefits but not keen on the process....
yet I watched the lovely Alys and find myself nodding and agreeing that there can be nothing better than pea shoots in a salad!


Catherine said...

Oh yes, I love Alys too! I haven't seen that series - yet another that's sneaked in under the radar, darn it.
What about James Wong's grow your own drugs? I am so obsessed - I'm like a witch with a cauldron, I tell you, it's sooooo much fun!
x x x

jackie said...

Yes, it would be good to buy something special, unfortunately my car is sick, so I think I will have to spend on the patient. Did you see this week's prgramme and the Japanese way of making leaf prints on fabric? I want to know more about that!