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Monday, 26 April 2010

so I snuck another birthday past you aswell...

From my 10 year old
Angie Walsh

I love getting cards for birthdays... now that shows I am a "grwon up" as I actually enjoy the having to open cards before presents.

Here a few of this years highlights From my 5 year old

Chris Sinden

Vanessa Arbuthnott

Anita Klein

good old Marks and Spencers but no artist name.


Amanda said...

Happy Birthday Joanna! Hope you had a glorious day. Lots of love, Amanda xxx

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Lovely cards too, I love receiving cards and presents - its just the 1 more year thats depressing!

Amy said...

Oh you sly one...happy birthday! I work for a greeting card publisher so I love looking at cards before presents the M&S one, are there many real buttons on it?

Claire said...

These are beautiful! Cheers to handmade greeting cards!

moss stitch said...

Oh, Happy Birthday to you!
Hope you had a lovely day.