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Saturday, 5 June 2010

Mirror, mirror....

Well its been a good half term with lots of outings to beaches/woods/parks and I even managed to get the kids to do their bit and help change the beds!
A lovely enjoyable time.
We often go holiday at this time of year but not this year. In the weeks leading up to half term I had that vaguely unsettling feeling of wanting to be somewhere else. Not that anything pushes me away from here but more that pull of "elsewhere". Do you get that?
Oh so that's just me then!

Anyway one of the ways I usually tackle this is to throw myself into some new projects. They have to be quite a quick fix project that I can flit between. This is one of them... quick scroll back up to the original mirror.. one of those mirrors from you can get from those slightly hippy shops that sell long swishy skirts and crystals. Anyway so mine came from a charity shop and all we really did was to sand it down and repaint it. Just using one of those tester pots. I also have a nice gold acrylic paint for the details. Then we glued those glass pebbles/bead things on that kids love...understandably they are usually lovely colours, I am quite keen on them myself.and lets face it my motto when crafting is ....

If in doubt, just stick more on!

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Anonymous said...

I get the wanting to be some where else - I have a longing to be somewhere along the Amalfi coast, on a beach Hey ho. You all must have had enormus fun making over the mirror this half term. (sorry spell check not working)