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Monday, 7 June 2010

A sun

I have started a new project.
Note the materials neatly laid out.
The start of a project is the only time materials are neatly laid out
It has been prompted by being selected as an "artist" to work on the local Art Lift project. This is a very exciting new start for me.
Artist being in quotes as I am still learning to call myself an artist!I have decided to base the work around images of the Sun.
Something I have been wanting to do for a long time. I have also returned to stitched textile collage rather than the white, white, white that I have been doing recently!

As I sat down to paint the cloths, the 5 year old ( soon to be 6) decided he wanted to paint a sun on cloth as well.

This is his.

I love the way kids just get on with it.

I wish I could take that approach with housework.

It turned out I wasnt the only one to get that niggley "be somewhere else" feeling so Ruth and I have hatched a plan... Amalfi Coast... dont tell the kids... meet at the airport...

but we just cant decide Villa or Spa Hotel.......


Amanda said...

Gosh, that ALL sounds exciting, Joanna! Love, Amanda xxx

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful project to be involved with. Still can't decide!

moss stitch said...

How exciting!!
And well don you.
Can I come too? 'Somewhere else' is always appealing - I can do villa or spa!!