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Monday, 28 June 2010

new camera ( part 2)

OK so having new camera means having new camera software which is proving to be a bit of a glitch.
I was going to show you the reading matter I had this weekend to read while avoiding the football and tennis. (Really enjoying music from Glastonbury though)
I was going to show you that the quilt book form the V and A had arrived.
I was going to show you that a copy of Spoonful had arrived.
I was going to show you that Embroidery magazine had arrived and is full of just my sort of thing. The link shows tha last copy rather than the latest for some reason.

and I was going to offer up my little booklet form the quilt exhibition for anyone who hasn't had chance to make it.
Oh alright then I will even though I cant show you a photo.
Its juts a small A5 booklet that they gave away with some colour pictures and copies of the information panels.
If anyone wants it then leave a comment and I can pop it in the post, I am happy to post internationally as well as its small.
I will try to get the photos up later.
Well when I say "I" I do mean the technical side of the family.


gill said...

I'd love the V and A booklet if it's still on offer - I'd love to have gone to this exhibitions but just haven't found the time


Anonymous said...

Ah technology! I am often flummoxed by it, I've found having a 13 year helps.

Judy Scott said...

technology grrrrr - I love it when I get something new and I dont have to read an 1000 page manual - hope you get it all working soon and thanks for the comment on my blog - Judy

gill said...

I'd love this booklet if there are no other takers!
I had hoped to have got to see this exhibition but it wasn't meant to be