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Friday, 11 June 2010

ok, you caught me! I am supposed to be setting up my 5 year old ( soon to be 6 years old) Secret Agent party.
Actually feeling very laid back about it as if all else fails I will just hide sweets and tell the 10 year old to chase the 5 year olds around trying to find it.

I think this will very quickly become the sort of game kids love with very little effort from me!

It will be loud....
I do have Pimms

Anyway so then the sun came out and I remembered a friend had given me a new little book on a textile artist. You can't blame me, after all the house will soon be full of 5/6 year olds with false moustaches and sunglasses searching for sweets while a 10 year old picks them off with a water pistol!

The artist is Becky Adams and she creates little things, with sentiment

The trip to the Amalfi is on, so G, Ruth and I will be packing impractical shoes, huge sunglasses and going for the glamour recluse look. We plan to eat here ... a lot!


Anonymous said...

Love the look of Becky Adams work. Packing Jimmy Choo's as I type!

Amanda said...

Hi Joanna! Thank you so much for your feedback and encouragement with my website. I'm so glad you like it. It's early days so there will no doubt be a lot of tinkering over the coming weeks. Just had a look at Ledbury Ladies. Looks amazing! You're so clever! Lots of love, Amanda xxx

jackie said...

Sounds a fun party, but I can just about remember the noise levels involved. Hope you post pics of your trip.

moss stitch said...

Hope the party went well and you didn't need to drink too many Pimms!
Many outfits packed - seeing as I can't choose and to cover all possible weather situations!