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Monday, 14 June 2010


at last, the 5 year old turns 6.

It was a long weekend of waiting but luckily we were distracted by a science festival.
I always try to make something for birthdays and call it their birthday card.
This is a birthday card/place mat, used already.
I adapted the ship picture from this patchwork book
Quite impressed myself actually, very quick and easy, I added space for a knife and fork with some free machine outlines so that there is some chance of the 3 year old putting the cutlery in the right place.
The party went well and ended up with very excited 6 year olds trying to soak the 10 year old in a water fight.
I have also had some lovely emails with good wishes on the trip to the Amalfi Coast,
ok, ok, ermm its not actually real trip just in our heads, a bit of an escape!
....but Ruth thinks this is a good enough reason to buy some Jimmy Choos and G is off on a shopping trip for it!


Cee said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. I'm emjoying the sampling process as it gives me permission to play! I've just had a look through your work and love the little box pieces you make.

fiona d said...

what a lovely idea to make a 'birthday card' like that - and I just love the knife and fork!! Glad the party went well, 6 is a very nice age. Can't believe your 'baby' is 3, as well. Where have the last few years gone??

moss stitch said...

Love the placemat!
Wish the trip was real - could do with some escape time!