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Friday, 2 July 2010

Live what you love.

Do you read a post and then think about it later?
I seem to have the sort of brain that takes info in and then processes it later.
Sometime earlier in the week I had been reading through blogs, catching up when I read 2 post that it took me a while to "get".
An example of this is yesterday.
I had loved the Judy Scotts post about the view form her chair
I loved the fresh colours and in particular a frame of a print "Live what you love"
Actually I really liked all the pictures and if I get any more cheek from the kids then I am running away to her house. I also read a photography/family blog by an American photographer. I love her photographs and how she talks about taking photos. She had done a guest post about This and That. As I read it, it struck me that we could see things like"this" or we could see them like"that" and its about your mindset at that moment. If you didn't go to read the post then she looks at elements in her life from 2 sides eg they cant afford a pool(!) but because they just use plastic crates the little ones can join in safely. I spent the day trying to do the same with some of the events in my day. Each time I wandered off in my thoughts a little voice said "live what you love"
Ok I said to the voice. I do mostly.
So cycling to school the 3 year old ( who is not super advanced at cycling but sits on a seat on the back of my bike!) was asking me "what are eye lits?" I replied that "eye lids are the flaps of skin that cover your eye balls."
"No" she replied "that's not it, I mean eye lits."
"Ok sweetheart then I am not sure what you mean by eyelits." So as many of you who have kids will know this conversation is not over and continues with an increasingly stroppy 3 year old trying to express herself so thinking of "this and that" I enjoyed that she was inquisitive and wanting to know more about the world and a little voice in me says "Live what you love"
Alright, I am.
So sitting sewing in the evening the voice gets louder. Live what you love, Look I say to the voice I am sitting here on summers evening with kids quite. I cant live this any more.
I am sewing some background fabric as I have some more commissions to make so its sort of just doodle sewing with not to much thought. Live what you love. my eyes glanced down to a scrap in the lace box. Live what you love. Its not a big scrap and was saved for something Live what you love.
Ok I get it, red thread out I have got an idea I could embroider "Live what you love" on it. Now why didn't I think of it earlier! Its not a big piece. I have left the needle in for scale, about the size of a playing card. Not quite finished yet but soon will be. £10 if any one is interested.
Go on, you know the voices in your head want you to.
As for the new camera, fab though it is I cant seem to upload pictures so back to the grainy old one.
Hang on just re read all this. The voices in my head .... ermmm... ! they have stopped now that i have made it.


Anonymous said...

A wonderful sentiment to live by!

Amanda said...

I think I still want to know what the Eye Lits were? Is this 'living what you love' like when I realized that the likelihood of me having a VW camper van any time soon are very I've decided to deck out my Nissan Micra in crochet blanket, CK ish cushions and Lavender sachets? I can't wait!! Lots of love, Amanda xxx

ger said...

A lovely little thing - sometimes I too have to stitch down things first before I can fully comprehend them... - thanks for stopping by at Gerdiary...

Judy Scott said...

Hello ~ Im so pleased and very very happy that a gift from my son has affected you too :) its wonderful how things can change the way we think - your piece is just lovely. For me its a constant thing and it stops me from being negative and I try to focus on the good things in my life - enjoy your children, the cycling and questions I loved all that when mine were little and thank you so much for visiting my little blog ~ Judy xxx

tea and cake said...

I think 'eye-lits' are eyelets - as in lace? or have I missed the point :)