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Monday, 13 September 2010

The Plan

OK so I cannot put it off any longer.

I have sharpened pencils, sorted cloth, ignored the housework for long enough.

I have to create The Plan.

A plan? now that's a bit scary, a plan about what I hear you ask

Maybe I can distract you with lovely pictures of apple picking over the weekend.

No, OK I will continue with The Plan,
Did I tell you I am still crocheting granny squares?

OK, OK so The Plan.
Well, it's just that in writing the plan I have to face up to the scary thing.
The bunny in the headlights thing that is 10 weeks away.
You see mostly I am just happy to keep stitching away, producing pieces for local exhibitions but then sometimes I suddenly I feel the need to do a bit more. Not quite sure why.
Anyway so in this mood I sent off some pictures of my work and now I have ended up with a stand at Harrogate Knitting and Stitching show.
Sorry didn't you hear me? I said it very quietly just in case it sounded too real.

How did that happen?
I saw an advert by the Craft Guerrilla group in London for exhibitors. They were selecting people to have a stand at each of the shows, London, Harrogate and Dublin. They liked my photos, they liked my samples and then all of a sudden they offered me a stand.
Very scary.
hence The Plan.
I am very excited about it all but very nervous.
10 weeks to go
better get on with some work.


moss stitch said...

oh my goodness!!
Thats wonderful!!
I understand your nervousness tho, just go for it, all will be well - even tho you might have very achy legs from standing!

Scented Sweetpeas said...

All the best things that happen are those that just seem to happen some how - you will have a fab time I am sure - get making :-)

louise said...

Its 10 weeks. Wow! I best get some work done for it then. Looking forward to meeting you. Louise.x

Chrissie said...

first - big congratulations!
second - you haven't got time to read these comments! :-)))

Cate said...

Congratulations, and super good luck!

Cate, x

fiona d said...

wow congratulations. I'll be looking out for your stand :-)