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Thursday, 16 September 2010


Thanks for your lovely comment of support. You have 10 weeks of this, you have been warned!

Today I pulled out all the bits and pieces I have to look over and thinks about. I am wobbling about the 3D pieces. I want to include some 3D pieces as I think touch is such a a bit part of textiles and I want to make things that people want to hold.

I pulled them all out and I am very unhappy with any of them.

I need to rethink this.

I have also had a look at the other people who were chosen by Craft Guerrilla.

Some amazing stuff.
Go and have a look while I hide in the corner and think about it all!


ginny said...

hello! just catching up on your news. congratulations for being accepted to the show. that really should give you extra confidence for starters. they will have seen something unique and special in your work so really try not to compare yourself to others. be brave & just go for it and above all enjoy it. as your creations are so personal & expressive try & retain that purity as you create new pieces for the show & maybe forget that they are for a bigger show, so you lessen the pressure. Primary consideration i would think is in how you wish to display your creations to show them to their best, what colour background would set them off, what is in keeping with your ideas & concept.
how exciting though. keep creating from the heart...and it will be fantastic x

jackie said...

Well done, that all sounds v. exciting. I'm sure it will go well in the end.
Yes, they do grow up and one day they tell you they are going to swim the channel or something equally scarey!

karen said...

Hi Joanna, the words are quotes taken from my own research which I did whilst at UNI. This one says, ''the use of traditional often time consuming process alludes to the devotion of a mother''. Ne need to lose any sleep now you know!!