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Thursday, 7 October 2010


I love this time of year.
I cycle along and every year I am amazed at the colours and fruits of Autumn.The little stretch of bypass that I have to cycle along is rich with hedgerow and full of sloes and rose hips like jewels. Some mornings the cobwebs have been covered with dew and strung up like decorations.
I think most of you feel the same.
To celebrate I changed the decorations on the door.
Its very simple it hardly merits a tutorial.
I printed some leaf template off, drew round them onto autumny paper,
Hole punched each shape and crocheted them together.


jill said...

I also love autumn and the gifts it has to offer in both the creative gifts and the gifts of seeds, leaves and photo opportunities. What a lovely poem and door hanging you have made.

jackie said...

Thanks for the comment. The piece at the moment is more like the top photo, I just cut it in half and added the Japanese tissue, so plenty of orange. Like the jelly by the way - a food artist as well!