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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Working hard

All part of the Plan
Well, apart from making rainbow jelly and listening to this and this.


Anonymous said...

amazing jelly, glad all is going well.

Cate said...

oh, i love the puzzle piece, so cute!

thank you for the comment, i'm feeling much better this week, looking forward to the book too.

cate, x

jill said...

Aw dont worry about the book, I have lots anyway, I just love books. I also love your tablecloth and how its coming on. I also went to the links for the poetry site and love it, I feel all peaceful now and also must make some room to be alone, she makes it sound so appealing. Look forward to seeing how its coming on. Are you going to add the top 2 pieces to the tablecloth as well.

red2white said...

mmm I am intrigued! I just thought the other day about your tablecloth, it's like if each dot represented a story, an event - I bet they are not as regular but there is some repetition of what we do at the table.... :)