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Friday, 22 October 2010

More 3d

I mentioned a while ago that I was revisiting my 3d work. I have really , really worked hard on it this week and I have 2 pieces to show you. I think I am happy with them but I am finding it hard to look at them objectively. I really want to know what you think.

I finally made it this week to see the sculpture exhibition in Gloucester Cathedral. I went with an artsy friend and we had a great time. We arrived a bit early so couldn't get a map of the exhibits from the shop. We wandered, chatted, discussed and debated. each piece is labeled with number but no name / title so we had to take them at face value. I think this was a good exercise for us. We also wandered around with a map and we looked at things in a different way.
There were 3 exhibits I really liked.
I though I might share them with you.
There were 2 pieces made by Stephen Hurst. there were rather like wooden automata toys and I would have love to roll them along. I loved the reuse of materials and the way you could see how it was physically made. A picture of Ship of Fools is here.
The other sculpture was by Jon Buck. His website here. The piece I loved was called The Wishbone bird and it is in his 2005 Work. Looking at his website I also really like the way he draws.
Both have a folky quality which I love at the moment.
I am not really calling 2 majorly important artist "folky"!
I also discovered that I am not a big fan of work that seems to included body parts or skin!
Go and have a look.


Scented Sweetpeas said...

ohh I love them, really nice pieces of work! Love the way the light falls on the flower and causes shadows.

Anonymous said...

ah body parts and skin, not too sure I want to have a look!! But your 2 pieces are looking really fab.

Chrissie said...

Joanna - sorry this will be a rushed comment - I'll come back tomorrow, but just to say that I've left you a message in the comments on my blog about your little packages!
C x

Mrs Button said...

Hi - lovely textile pieces and interesting links. Nice to meet you x

Angie: said...

OOh thanks for mentioning me as your 'artsy' friend and linking my blog! Much appreciated! I think your 3d work is lovely~very delicate and intricate. I especially like the butterfly as it reminds me of an old victorian moth~must be the embroidary element with the embellishments you have done on it. It gives it a real antique and fragile look to it! Looks like it could have been found lying on the floor of one of the rooms in that card house we saw at the exhibition!! Oh and incidentally I really am not that dark a person, referring back to my total opposite reaction to the skin pieces!!!! Honest! :o) xx

paola said...

Hi Joanna! What a lovely work you made! I espacially fell in love with the butterfly..
Say hello to the other Joanna please!

Patty said...

The photos of your work are lovely.
I like the way you've taken only texture to work with. I may use this
as a learning exercise. As a previous comment said, they are delicate. And I must agree with you
about organic body parts...ugh.