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Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Oak trees

The 6 year old loves to grow things.
He is fascinated by how things come from seeds and he often want to plant seed a seed he has found to see what happens.
We do not always have much success.
He has had great success in the past with acorns.
These are his small collection of trees.
there are 8 oak trees, 2 sycamore trees and an apple tree.
He is very proud of his trees as am I.
we have lined them all up so we can see them change.
He plans to be a framer one day which is a great surprise as we are a very (sub)urban family.
He plans to plant his trees on his farm.
I plan to sit under them.


jill said...

I just planted some oak, sycamore and beech seeds yesterday. I hope I am as lucky as you. How long did it take them to get to this size

Monica said...

what a lovely post...

Cate said...

what a lovely plan for the future!

thank you for the book, it did actually reach my house on my birthday, but i'd already left for the airport!

cate, x

Anonymous said...

how brilliant! They will be a great start to his farm, may be you can have a carved oak swing seat to sit on.