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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Craft podcasts

I am not big on gadgets. I don't have a lap top, i pad, an i phone or even a fancy sewing machine.
I do have an ipod. Its an old one, it's came to me second hand
Its is high on my list of important sewing equipment.

I have used it to discover the world of podcasts. To me there is little better in life that sitting sewing with something warbling away in the background. I like music but I am not big on it. I love to listen to something to make me think.
My starting point is Radio 4. There is a lot I listen to on radio 4. I usually listen through the i player
Not to be missed is The News Quiz, The Now show, Clare in the Community, Broadcasting House, catching up on Womans Hour etc
If there is nothing there I fancy then I have found some interesting craft podcasts. I enjoy the Craft Sanity with Jennifer Ackerman Haywood. She has an informal interview style with all sorts of people from the crafting community though maybe only North Americans. It has more of the style of a Loose Women style conversation, relaxed and informal. You could almost find yourself joining in.

Another is Craftypod with Sister Diane. This one a bit more formal with some cool snippets of music which make me think she dresses rather like someone out of Mad Men. She cover topics around craft so more about how to run your business etc.

I also love the podcasts at Maiwa. These cover traditional techniques and crafts from around the world. they are often lectures so sometimes it can be a little hard to follow because you can't see the presentation slides but they are still really good to listen to.

I have also found some at Hello Craft but I haven't started listening to that yet.

so what do you listen to? what am I missing and need in my life?
 I am hand quilting my bed size quilt, its going to take a while so I need plenty to keep me going. 


Hannah said...

History of the world in 100 objects from BBC Radio 4. I'm not sure if you can still downlaod it or not (bad does it for me) but they are really really interesting (if you like history). I just like imagining the objects, and then going and looking at them. Sometimes they are better than I imagined, sometimes a bit disappointing but it's still good fun.

Also if you like audio books (I have been listening to my English texts while sewing) is brilliant. Loads of titles of books, play, poems. My next download will be the secret garden (the Jane Austen's are better from Classic FM on iTunes).

Happy listening!


Catherine said...

I can't concentrate if I listen to stuff! Weird, I know, but I tune in too much to what my ears hear.
But I'm with you on Radio 4. It is, hands down, the best media to consume. Along with reading National Geographic, although it's not so easy to sew whilst reading a magazine ;-)
x x x

Anonymous said...

I'm going to have to pop over to radio 4 on line, I have bought Clare in the Community from Audible - download-able books. Had no idea I could listen on line! Crasft sanity sounds fun too.

karen said...

I really wouldn't like an ipod. I hate not knowing what's going on around me, not being able to hear. I can't imagine anything worse than walking down the street as some people do, totally oblivious...

red2white said...

I must be even less on gadgets then, I am ashamed to ask how does it work, those podcast? As I work in the kitchen and the radio is there I too listen to BBC 4. It's rather uplifting to listen to something normal, educative and not-shouting

jackie said...

I look forward to the day ipods, and even ipads will be in the charity shops. Think I might get one then. I agree with you that Radio 4 is hard to beat.

NanaGo said...

I stumbled onto your blog through Hand Embroidery Network. My parents were both blind since birth, I was raised with talking books. So when iPods came out and the popularity of Audidble books rose I was estatic. Having been addicted to Podcasts since my first iPod (the kind in your picture from 2004) I can say that I have increased my brain power tremndously. For those that think we Shut out the world when our ear buds are in, let me explain that it all depends on how loud you turn it up. When it is a speaking voice you listen to, you can hear everything around you just fine as well as the podcast/book. It is just like having the radio on in the room but you don't disturb anyone else. BUT if you have music on (which has a continual drone effect) it will blank out people's voices to some degree.
There are plenty of Craft podcasts but if you would like to know how to find more and how to keep them on your iPod I will be happy to help.Don't think I am a techie nerd. I am 52 a mother of 5 and a grandmother of 7, plus I am a needle artist since the age of 9. So if I can learn a new trick so can you. Just drop me a line on my blog.
Oh. . .and by the way, Sister Diane of Crafty Podcast is from the same place I am, Portland, Oregon. She's a nice lady in person.

BugsandFishes said...

Great post! Thanks for the link to it :)