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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

dot to dot

 Enjoying a very complicated dot to dot puzzle.

Just had a lovely phone call from somebody wanting to use one of my quotes in one of her pieces of work. It was lovely to talk to her but all my quotes come from other people and if I miss saying who they come from then give me a nudge.

Speaking of which just listened (via Iplayer) to a piece about living in the moment and how when we live in the moment, it is to experience eternity with no measure of time.

Right then..... to live in the moment with my complicated dot to dot!


karen said...

those dots are fascinating......

Cate said...

Oh wow, are you doing the constellations? amazing, that is gonna be lovely!

Cate, x

Conny's Cottage said...


wat a great idee.

greatings send you Conny

UK lass in US said...

Ah, I do like that idea. One of my favourite things when I am traveling is to pick out the familiar constellations to feel that little bit closer to home.

Monica said...

I like that thought...