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Friday, 4 March 2011

An historic day ( for me)

 J and I had a day out yesterday so I took lots of photos.
I thought I might share them.
Look at the lichen
 Its was everywhere and just incredible
 80 different types at the last count......oh sorry, I know what you are thinking, lichen is all very well and quite interesting but its not what this blog is normally about, its normally things to make, objects, pattern, colour, lichen is all very well and some people go weak at the knees for it but you didn't think it was my sort of thing did you?
OK I will show you something handmade
 There, carved by hand........... no, you still don't get it? its is all handmade really, why don't I show you a less close up shot?

 OK, so does that help, no, too far away? OK back closer again...
 How's that? get it yet? can you see the keep out signs? the little rope cordon? no

 Yesterday J and I went on a guided tour of the monuments around Stonehenge finishing with entrance into the circle itself. ....and even if I say it myself...  wow... it was sooooo cool to walk up to them past the little signs and the security guards.
Its bigger than I thought. I have tried to write about how it all felt but I have found it hard.
(and without trying to name drop again as you all ignored the comment about Mongolia, it felt a lot like Machu Picchu!)
 For those of you who know little about Stonehenge its a very important prehistoric stone circle site in the UK. You are able to visit but only by walking around a specific walkway that does not take you into the circle. There are security guards and you are not allowed in due to erosion/prevent vandalism. You can apply to go in on at midsummer and midwinter. We went on a guided tour organised by English Heritage
 Mind you, the March wind on Salisbury Plain was cold, very cold.
The only sun we saw was this.


Gina said...

I'm old enough to remember when we were allowed right up to the stones all the time... but I've never been to machu picchu!

jill said...

I love the lichen and also take lots of photos of it. Glad yu enjoyed your day out

Hannah said...

I bet it is amazing to walk around- we went aroud the edge like everyone else! Glad you had a good day though!

Hannah xx

mattypenny said...

Great photos - I found the lichen fascinating when I was there too.

Just a minor point - you don't have to apply to be there on the solstices. You can just turn up. I've walked overnight from Salisbury a couple of times for winter solstice. Cold but worth doing!

Emily said...

I remember when they put the ropes in so you couldn't walk right up to it. I went there once with my family but it cost an absolute fortune to walk around & my parents thought it was way too much seeing as the path didn't let you that close. So I just have a photo of me, my sister & my mum by a fence with Stone Henge in the distance like a little blip on the landscape! We all look rather cold & a little fed up! LOL!! Would love to see it as close as you did.... maybe one day....

The Flower Garden said...

I have never been but it is on my to-do list. An organised tour is obviously the way to do it. Lucky you.
Jo x