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Friday, 1 April 2011

The (not quite so) daily bread.

I am an urban girl.
I live in a modern house on a modern estate. we have a garden you can stride across in less than 10 steps.
 My kids play out on the street.
You can tell when someone moves house round here because you see the Sky van arrive to sort out the TV.
I am an urban girl down to my painted toenails and my veg box delivery.
Please don't think that as you look at these photos that I hanker after chickens and my own little small holding.
I don't
I do want to live a more sustainable life and I want to eat real food.
When we moved into this house 8 or 9 years ago I had room to have a bread machine. It was a good choice. We have used the machine almost daily. It produces a good tasty granary loaf. If I was a bit more organised I would be able to remember to buy a good loaf but I am not. Having a bread machine means I am able to put on a loaf  and know that I will have something to make the sandwiches for lunch. 

Friends tease me that I make my own bread but I don't, I fill the machine and it does it for me. I am an urban girl. However I started to feel I ought to know how to make bread. The River Cottage bread book arrived at Christmas and I took it as a hint to get on and learn the process. Well, I read it, and I learnt a lot. I mostly leanrt that I could put all the ingredients into my machine, put it on pizza dough setting and it did all the hard work for me.
I take it out when it beeps, rise it, knock it back and shape it, then a quick rise, into the oven and now my bread looks homemade.
The recipe in the book makes a 12 rolls and a small loaf, which is handy as  I only have one loaf tin.
Enough bread to last us 2 days.
Its our not quite  daily bread
is there a word for every 2 days?


two hippos said...

The bread looks so good I can almost smell it! We used to have a bread machine until it broke down, now its the dough hook on my mixer. Nothing beats fresh bread.

Gina said...

That's exactly how I make bread... pizza dough setting in the bread machine. Gives impressive results!

gill said...

I love my bread machine! I use it nearly every day!!
Remind me to bring you some eggs next time I see you!!!

red2white said...

I am an urban girl and I don't have a space/will/..., but this is tempting. :)

bears footprints said...

your bread looks great, whenever i try they seem to be heavy prehaps i need more pratice x

Joanna said...

I've got a bread machine but have got out of the habit of using it - having read this I'll fire up the old girl again!


Iz said...

That loaf looks amazing!