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Friday, 8 April 2011

postmans knock

A bit late in posting this.
I am part of a swap group called Postmans Knock. There are 12 of us in the group. we each have a theme and over the next few months will send a postcard to the next person on the list on the theme they have selected. My theme is  Collecting/collection.
 Yes, I know that you know that I like collecting things but just in case there is someone that doesn't know!
This is the fantastic card that arrived from Jill on Saturday.
A small postcard with "A tiny collection of 15 precious things"
If all the cards are like this then I will be constantly picking myself back up off the carpet ,as ever, in awe of the things that others make.
The card I sent is here.


crafts@home said...

This is absolutely gorgeous, lucky you :)
Sue Xx

dottycookie said...

Oh my goodness - all the postcards I've seen so far have been amazing!

Joanna said...

This postcard is absolutely stunning, isn't it?! I haven't even thought about yours yet (you're the last person on my list!) but the standard is so high I'm going to have to think really really hard!


Katie said...

What an adorable card and great idea!!