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Monday, 18 April 2011

Postmans Knock.

 I returned form a weeks hols with the kids to this great bit of post. its part of the Postman's Knock group but you probably guessed that from the title! It came from Penny
The larger text reads
"Millicent liked nothing better than an afternoon sorting her button collection"
I think that sounds like an excellent plan!
the smaller text is a dictionary page with a definition of collecting.

She also included a sheet from a book that list collective nouns. Lots of ideas on there.

Penny used an old postcard so the back is written by someone else. I can't read the date but the stamp is Edward VII. It reads.
"Lord H thinks he left waders at West Hill, if so would you kindly send the thinnest ones and the pair of canvas shoes here (to) 5 basket doesn't matter. Hope you mums cold doesn't..... "
( then it becomes too hard to read.)

Fab. Another card to inspire.
My card on the theme of coast went to Jane but I am not sure it has arrived yet. ironic really that I had to send a card on the theme of coast while I was at the coast! Quite normal for me to forget to take her address so it was posted from dear old Twinkelberry on Saturday when we returned.

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Beautiful cards Joanna and a ver lovely blog

Happy Easter
Best wishes, Carolyn