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Sunday, 15 May 2011

In praise of trees (again)

Well I did try,
I really did and I have comments to prove it but blogger went odd and lost the post so here is a rough approximation of is again.

Have finished reading Wildwood by Roger Deakin. very good but I am not reviewing it here. Much better to go to Amazon but I would recommend it if your are a lover of trees.
Decided to do a piece on trees, the walnut tree and thought about what could show a walnut tree without doing a picture of a walnut tree.

I have worked hard but it doesn't feel quite right. Not sure why.
I liked the reverse, the sort of fuzzy moth.
 In fact I like all the smudginess of the back.

I decided it needed and edge but I am still not convinced.

Any ideas?


Gina said...

It's beautiful but I love the back of it too. I often prefer the back of my own work - it seems freer somehow.

Hannah said...

My blog did the same and then the posts randomly reappeared a few days later. Bizarre.

How about making the border look a bit like a frame? So it's a bit further away from the flowers and butterfly's but still pretty and quite girly.

Beautiful work as always!

Hannah xx

Dixie said...

Its a nice piece with lots of skill and some really clever stitch choices but somehow it doesn't quite fly and I cant see why either and I've looked and looked. Making is like that, sometimes something doesn't quite reach where it is meant to get to and you hope that if you put it away, then come back to it, or ask other people the answer will come.

Bozena Wojtaszek said...

And I think it is awesome :)