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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Postmans knock 3

 This weeks card came from Jane Housham.
You think she could of made an effort ;-)
 oh alright then you turn over the postcard to find a book, a wonderful little book of her own collections.

 It feels like she had a great time writing the blurb and putting together this book.
Isn't it funny how you can feel like someone had good fun with can almost hear the little sniggers and chortles as you read it!
 I am not going to type in the whole lot but its worth the read if you can see it.
 On each of the pages you get picture of her eclectic and interesting collections.
its a life affirming book that remind me that its not just  me that has piles of bizarre things.
However I am almost becoming paralysed with fear in this swap and each one is so creative and individual I think I may go and hide under a stone in the garden, well i say stone but its a pile of stones with holes in that I picked up off the beach...... but at least now I know that its not just me that does it.

The card I sent....... I will put a link when it is posted by its owner.
It spent a week in a puddle of water. It was meant too.

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