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Friday, 24 June 2011

A hammer-head bunny and an opportunity

oh dear,
oh dear.
It's like this.... when a friend of mine has a baby I always like to make something for them. I like to think they appreciate a little hand made something
but...... mostly my friends have finished having babies so it has been a while.
Then suddenly I have an excuse to pull out the sleepy bunny pattern again.
Yippee for babies.
I have to make the most of other peoples babies, I would have loved to carry on having babies myself but J said it was not a lifestyle choice I could make!

 Here is Harvey bunny, a boy bunny looking dapper in his stripes but unfortunately he seems to be a hammer head bunny, a long necked hammer head bunny.
Go on have another look.
 Oh dear, well the baby won't notice and I did have fun making him but I think its a good job she is such a good friend and will forgive me.
An idea? I could wrap a ;long thin scarf around to make him uber fashionable,
hmm, cant knit 
OK ribbon?
No that doesn't quite work either
Like I said, I am glad she is a good friend!

An opportunity?
As many of you know, last year I was selected by Craft Guerilla to exhibit at the Knitting and Stitching show.
Amazing experience, met lots of people etc etc
Some people asked about how they could have the chance
Well here it is.........
Craft Guerilla are looking for more for this year
Visit their website to see how to apply.

You never know until you try.
I never knew I could make a hammer-head bunny until I tried. I had thought I would put the pattern up as a tutorial but I think the market for hammer-head bunnys is quite small.


Angie: said...

I think you are being too hard on yourself Jo! When I saw your hammer head bunny, I was too struck noticing the lovely blue velvet ears and thinking that he reminded me of the story of the velvatine rabbit! (well, just the title really, as I have never read the book, but there you go!) So don't think too much about the hammer part of the bunny coz the ears themselves are a lovely distraction! And as you say the little baby will not notice anyway! And he has a lovely little face too!

Joanna said...

Yes you're very hard on yourself, but also very funny!
Love him hammer head and all!

moss stitch said...

Oh I love hammer head bunny... I think it gives him character.But if you wanted to add something, how about a little collar (like a shirt)with maybe a dickie bow?
But personally I like him the way he is.

two hippos said...

I love the bunny, with his velvet ears! Very smart in his stripes, how about a tie - although probably not great for a baby.