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Monday, 27 June 2011

Postmans knock

Another great card, this time from Jane
the caption reads
"Collecting is an act of self definition"
hmmmmm, like that a lot.

The card is 3d and the horse is cleverly pivoted to rock. Jane wishes she could collect rocking horses. if collecting is an act of self definition Jane is a stylish but playful item, much adored that increases in value and that would make me a pile of odds and ends to be often found in a charity shop!


Jane Housham said...

That's a real beauty. I'm just trying to work out how it's all been done. Lovely

Jee said...

I must tell my husband I'm stylish - it will send him into hysterical laughter! Can't resist these horses.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh i really love this. its gorgeous
Also just wanted to mention
I have a collage and background giveaway on my Dezinaworld if you fancy adding yourself to have a chance to win the prizes.
Hugs June x