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Monday, 20 June 2011

Japanese fabric

Some lovely fabric bought for me in Japan.

 I wont bore you with lots of photos of each piece.
That would just look like showing off
Which is exactly what I am doing.
 But I will leave you with a picture of this lovely tape.
The hardest part will be using it.
All bought from Tomato


gill said...

Lucky you!!
Your DH is obviously well trained!
Some great fabrics and the tape (bias??) is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

lovely fabrics and the bias is fabulous!

French Knot Savannah said...

Love the fabrics from Japan, and the tape is adorable! Wasn't sure if you checked my reply to your comment on my blog, but I would love for you to participate in the hoop swap! Just email me your info!

Joanna said...


Hannah said...

They are great! (I would show off every single one if I had them!). Enjoy using them- they'll make some lovely pieces.

Hannah xx

Gina said...

The tape is fabulous... you don't need to do anything with it... just take it out and look at it every so often.