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Monday, 13 June 2011

Postmans knock (and cake)

The next card arrived in the Postman's Knock challenge from Gina.
Buttons have been popular within my title of collecting. However she does win the prize for best envelope.
I read at the weekend that if all the lego in the world was shared out then we would each have 70 pieces. 
I am starting to wonder the same with buttons but I am not prepared to organise it just to find out.

Another challenge I have been taking part in is Ruth's Cupcake challenge.
Each month she will give us a list of ingredients to use in a recipe. Here is my entry this month. It did taste particularly good, 
even if I do say so myself!


Anonymous said...

love the postman's knock you are taking part in! And the cake looks fabulous!!!

Agnes said...

I entirely agree about buttons. I have so so many, and yet the number of times I've actually sewn buttons onto things is minimal. And still I find myself drawn to buying buttons!

I hate to think how many buttons there are in the world...