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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Birthday bagdes

 I think that I must have mentioned a gazillion times that I do not give my kids birthday cards, I usually make a small picture or cuddly that they keep. I realise that I forgot to tell you that I also make them a birthday badge.
I think birthdays should always have a sense of occasion and a badge can help with that.
You cant have a birthday without a badge. Even big people can have a badge.
Here is my collection of badges. I don't make a new one each time, I wait until a respectful time after the birthday and then I reclaim the badge for the next child coming through the system. I have a great fondness for having things that all 3 kids have used.
They are sooo simple to make with some scraps of felt and a safety pin on the back, occasionally a few sequins.
 This is the card for the newly 7year old.
Lets face it, all 7 year olds are a bit of a monkey and this one is no exception.
It is hand stitched in a loose stem stitch that gave it a lovely hairy quality. The image cam from here


two hippos said...

what a fantastic thing to do, I'm sure your cheeky monkey will adore them!

Joanna said...

What a lovely idea. It would be lovely to photograph each child wearing 'their' badge on their birthday.

Super cheeky monkey card!