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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

A quilt show

I belong to a local quilting group which is filled with inspirational women who make all sorts of things. Once every 2 years they fill a hall with quilted wonderfulness. Its amazing to see them all these amazing things arrive out of bags. When it is planned everyone says they haven't had chance to make much.

This table and display are filled with charity quilts. Quilts that have been made a Linus quilts, hospice quilts, quilts for children from Chernobyl etc. Sometimes we each make a block which someone sews up to make a quilt. Sometimes they are a single persons project.
I love these events which brings out the shining talents hidden by women who just go about their lives in quite an ordinary way

I looked around the room and thought wow. Someone asked me if I felt intimidated, being a relative newcomer to the world of quilting. 
Nope, not intimidated but just wondering if this is what they have done then what on earth have I been doing with all my time?!


Gina said...

What an amazing display.

fabriquefantastique said...

looks so inviting and colorful...

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful array of quilts and colours!