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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

The Cupcake challenge.

Last minute entry form me for Ruths Cupcake challenge
The cake for July had to be based on a summer pudding.
The 11 year old baked some cakes in muffin dishes so they were a bit bigger. We scooped out the middle and put in summer pudding fruits mixture, the decided to top it with ice cream and the sauce from the fruit.
Yes I agree, its not really a cupcake once you need a spoon to eat it but the decision to use ice cream was unanimous.

It was absolutely yummy
The cloth underneath it? how kind of you to ask. 
Well its the rather lovely apron Ruth sent me last month as my Pimms cake was drawn out as a winner.
and yes, it is true. The only way my baking could win anything is by someone not actually eating it!


Hannah said...

It looks delicious and I'm sure it tastes just as good. everyone has to bake in summer- it feels like such a summery activity to make some fruity muffins!

Hope you enjoy them!


Angie: said...

That looks absolutely delish!!! Hope you made loads so you could all enjoy them!! Yum! xxx

Joanna said...

Brilliant idea, and looks delicious! Definitely an idea to pinch...........