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Friday, 12 August 2011

A book that's a box or a box that's a book?

My first attempt at a book box after receiving mine from Lesley

The book was "Ten Boys who lived on the road from long ago to now"
Slightly odd title. 
Did the boys live on the road from long ago till now or are they stories form long ago to now. The author Jane Andrews does not specify and the book was falling to bits but I guess I will have to read it to find out!

I took out the pages, built a frame with mount board, lined it with old maps and a collage for the facing page.

I also made a lid for one compartment.

Here it is filled with odds and end lying around the house.


gill said...

Jo I love it!
What fun you've had - and I love the quirky title of the book!

Jill said...

Brilliant - looks very profesional. I love all the compartments.

Libertybelle said...

What a great first attempt at a book box!

Anonymous said...

looks great, a lovely curio. (10 biys who lived on the road, sounds intresting)

Angie: said...