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Thursday, 22 September 2011

Avoca -weaving a hug

 I nearly forgot to tell you...
We did go on holiday this year. We went to Ireland and stayed in a cottage about an hour south of Dublin.
We had a lovely 2 weeks messing around on beaches, visiting amazing museums and remembering how much we enjoy each others company.
We love our holidays. We have never flown with the kids but will take a ferry anywhere so we have been to France, Belgium, Holland, Denmark and Spain.
J fancies Iceland next year....hmmmmm

Anyway, Ireland was amazing. We WILL be going back. I am not quite sure why we haven't been before.

No, no its ok this is not really just a trip down memory lane for will not be forced so see photos of me in a but you do need to know about this place though!
Quick look at the next photo... see, yarn, that feels better doesn' it
We went to Avoca. A beautiful little village that was used as the template for Ballykissangel. Its now well know as the home of the Avoca chain. 
If you haven't heard of the Avoca chain then follow the link and loose yourself in beautiful things.
We visited the weaving shed where it all started. Its is still producing blankets there though obviously the they source from lots of other places as well.
 The weaving shed were full of beautiful colours and interesting machinery. Its quite on the tourist trail so there are coach parties coming all the time. Its very well known for its home made food as well.
Yes, I have bought the cookery book

 Piles of wonderful blankets and throws. 
I could have spent a lot more money than I did.

Lots of irresistible photos.
.......and of course a purchase. This is my new snuggle on the sofa blanket. it was so hard to choose a colour so I chose one with all of them on.


Carrie said...

love the blanket - good choice. I highly recommend a trip to Iceland, it's stunning.

gill said...

Hi Jo
I'm glad you made it to Ireland this year - we had to cancel ( I'll tell you more when I see you next!)
I hope the weather was good for you - have you been watching Monty Hall on tv in Ireland? He's been in places we know so well!
Hope to see you soon

two hippos said...

What a fabulous woolen mill, sounds like a perfect holiday too! A boat to Iceland would be an adventure.