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Friday, 16 September 2011

Craft magazines.

I am not big craft magazines. Book yes... I can justify those easily
 but magazines hmmm never really been that kid of girl. 
I cant quite justify them when they seem a temporary thing. 
An indulgence and I think I would rather spend my indulging money on something else. I need a decent amount to read, not just look at the pretty pictures.
There see to be a lot of craft magazines around at the moment, catching in the rise in interest. Being a blog reader I think I get enough ideas/inspiration form that and so don't need to search out magazines.
That being said I do like to have a nose through a copy of a new magazine if I find it. 
I promise I am not one of those who stands in WHSmiths reading them. I will put my hand in my pocket and buy one.
I have a subscription to Embroidery magazine. Its more onto the art side of the craft and is not a project magazine.  I read it from cover to cover and its suits me well. It reminds me that its important to keep making things that make people.
I took out a short subscription to Mollie Makes.
 It was very good value and I was just being nosey
 It is a beautifully produced, stylish magazine but the craft is a little on the simple side for me. I just don't need to read an article on a picnic that would requires so much preparation that it would never live up to your expectations  Now I know they are not really suggesting you go on such a picnic, its all about styles and trends but I think it annoyed me a bit too much  I do not want to dress my kids up for a picnic .
 If one of them chooses to wear a bow tie... 
and I do have one of those types of child...
 then it would make great pictures but picnics are about relaxing, playing, beautiful family moments will happen naturally,  I dont need a pinny on to make it happen
I agree, I have entirely missed the point of the article. Its all about a style.
Hey ho its juts not for me.
I love finding magazines while on holiday and I have a group of friends who know to look out for them for me. This summer has bought a couple of issues of Marie Clare idees and a copy of Hand/eye magazine. Both of which are very good.
I know, I know, I have just moaned about the over styling of an article and then I coo over Marie Clare idees.
But I do need some new pot holders and if they could just look as pretty as these........
Anyone got a guide to french crochet terms they can lend me?


Joanna said...

I'm at the other end of the magazine spectrum - I'm an absolute sucker for them and would buy every single one given half a chance; homes/gardens/fashion/philosophy/
wildlife/photography/jewellery/art/craft/etc etc. I subscribe to Mollie Makes but have yet to plan a picnic quite on the scale presented in that issue (still waiting for the right weather!). I will also buy a Somerset Studio publication after a flick through to ensure there's enough to justify the cost. Yes, they are an indulgence, but they are totally inspirational for me and I love reading about other people, their lives and their passions. And, of course, there are the photographs to pore over. The only mags I WON'T ever buy or look at are the cheap trashy gossip magazines, ugh!

Sorry, I'm no help regarding the french crochet but there must be a magazine on the subject...........


Anonymous said...

I have a few subscriptions but to interior magazines, not craft. And I do have a weakness for the odd copy of Hello - oh and I'm the woman in Smith reading!

red2white said...

I used to buy much more magazines than I do now - I have noticed I struggle to find time to actually read them. So only few left. But I like to flick through them at WHS...:) I agree very much with you. They create an illusion and can easily deceive. It's not really that pretty picnic table which creates a cozy atmosphere around the picnic table. I love mags with lots of pictures but have to watch that they inspire me not make me dissatisfied with what I have and where I am...Sometimes in preparing/making all the pretty things we can easily forget that "the most important things are invisible" (Exupery).

Gina said...

So pleased to know someone else feels the same about Mollie Makes.... very pretty but doesn't justify the cover price. I too however have been a subscriber of Embroidery magazine for the past 15 years