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Monday, 10 October 2011

How to excavate a dinsaur

 We decided, the 7 year old and I, that if we mixed up some plaster of paris, added some shells/fossils that he could recreate Planet Dinosaur File
so it turns out that you get a really hard plater which it was almost impossible to chip away, breaking the hammer eventually......
and it turns out that this was actually quite a good activity to do as it kept the 7 year old busy while his mother is phoning round trying to get emergency dental treatment for an 11 year old that has come off his bike and chipped BOTH his front adult teeth.

........and breathe.........


Anonymous said...

do hope the teeth are now fixed. I chipped a front tooth on a polo when I was a teenager, a common problem apparently!

moss stitch said...

Oh no, hope he's ok and you got it all sorted!

bread and buttons said...

oh no poor thing. My daughter lost her two front teeth this summer, mercifully they are her baby ones. Hope it's all fixed now.