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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

A new TV

Ok so the pictures don't reflect the title but the camera has fallen out with the computer and they are not talking to each other at the moment. Have a pretty picture of something just so you know I do some embroidery occasionally.
yes, you have seen them before but they quite fit in with the autumn.

Anyway, a new TV. We didn't need a new tv but we have one. A great big tv that seems to take up huge amount of space. J tells me that this is not really a big tv and there are many more much bigger but it seems big to me.
When I met J he had a large TV, now this was over 20 years ago so not big by todays standards but big for the time. Despite having a large TV and masses of technical bits and pieces I gave him the benefit of the doubt and the relaitionsip continued. Up until last week that 20 year old TV was still the only one we had.
I like that, I was used to it. When it breaks, we will get a new TV.
That was what we said.
I must have missed the murmurings of discontent that have been rumbling on. The 11 year old had suggested we have a new TV but no major campaign.

Last week we got a new TV.
I understand entirely why we have one.
It has the I Player, can stream films , its a flat screen, it uses less energy, it was a good offer, ........
many good reasons

BUT..... why does it have to be so big?.........
Now please don't misunderstand I sit and watch tv most evenings. I enjoy it. I usually sit there with some hand stitching and happily watch 2 hours each evening. I feel in enriches our lives. I would not live without a tv in the same way I would not live without going to the theatre.
My kids aren't too obsessed with tv. The 11 year old will often wander upstairs to read rather than Antiques Roadshow.
I know, such exciting TV is on in our house!
The younger two watch it occasionally. Its not that they are not allowed to watch it but they just are not in the habit of turning it on to watch something.
Saturday and sunday mornings for an hour or so, a few DVDs but apart from that they take little interest.
I am fully aware that I am talking about this moment and that could change at any time.

It does not dominate our lives and I am pleased with that.
Which brings me back round to WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE SO BIG?
It is 32inches across.
Is it just me?

Ok..... don't answer that


Anonymous said...

I think its a man thing. We have a huge black screen, although no tv signal - I did have to laugh!

gill said...

Jo this was exactly the scenario in our house a year ago! even down to the Antiques Roadshow! I've got used to it now (32"- as well!) but my youngest son tells me his friend has one which is 48"!!! surely that must be the cinema screen!

Dixie Nichols said...

I am with you, Is this the Thin End of the Wedge, the End of Intelligence as We Know It ??

Have to tell you it isn't, my child was glued to tv and dvds all her childhood it was Never Off, even when she was on her computer and doing homework and dear reader now she is 19 years old and making a grown up living as a playwright.

Monica said...

oh gosh.

we have two big tv... why? I don't know. Like you i watch a couple of hours at night, but never during the day. The boys play wii on theirs and have it on all the time. Drives me mad.

and then I remember than when I was younger I loved it too, I watched it as much as my parents allowed me... and when I grew up things changed.

So maybe there is hope.


Katie said...

well, if you create this while watching tv, I say more power to ya! hee! Beautiful. (I'm watching tv right now while blogging)

UK lass in US said...

My dear husband bought a 40" (!!!!) tv behind my back last week. I'm not a happy bunny. We only have a small living room and now there's a great big monstrosity in the corner.