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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

 We seem to be over-run by little people at the moment.
I have come to a conclusion about my fairy as it seems she has many sisters alive and well so she will be redressed and added to the pile of things to sell.

However we are still surrounded by little people. Here is one about to borrow a cube of sugar.
We had a wonderful time at a local theatre watching the Japanese version of The Borrowers, Arriety.
It delighted us all, even the 11yr old who enjoyed the Japanese animation. There has been lots of talk of Borrowers taking things, or making things fall off shelves. I need to look out for a copy of it to read to the 7 year old at bedtime.
Actually the concept of small people borrowing/moving things would explain a lot!
I made this Arriety from a pattern the wonderful Felt Wee Folk by Sally Mayor.
Here she is just about to borrow a 2p. Actually as I made her dress I did wonder if this could be made in a big girls size.
What do you think?

Today I am really enjoying arranging felt flowers and brooches in a printers tray to display at an Art Lift Class tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Arrietty is adorable! I loved sharing the Borrowers stories with my monster, when she was small. The idea of little people living in our houses like wombles was fun!