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Thursday, 17 November 2011

My latest favourite thing-Amanda Anderson

 Last week I finally made it over to the Contemporary Craft Fair in Hereford.
Oh it was like being in heaven. Such beautiful things. All handmade.
No you're right I didn't resist. 
There were 61 exhibitors
No, I didn't buy 61 things, but I could have done very easily. 
I fell instantly in  love with Amanda Anderson's quirky mosaics. The colours just sing and my bird is just beautiful.
I haven't yet decide where it is going to live so its on the mantel-place waiting, being admired daily by me.

More of Amanda here
Today I am raw from the difficulties in parenting.


Gina said...

I can see why that would be a new favourite thing. Hang on in there with the parenting...

Anonymous said...

an escape to a fair like that must have been bliss. I like Hereford and it is always a great place to buy fabrics too.