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Monday, 30 January 2012

Learning to make square knot bracelets.

 Two of the groups I am teaching at the moment are groups of young mums in local family centres.
We are working our way through a variety of crafts and the other week we made square knot bracelets or shambala bracelets.
I made one years ago at a workshop and then noticed last year that some of the major fashion retailers were producing similar bracelets and before you know it a workshop was developed.
 We had a lovely time tie-ing and knotting and threading and beading.
I really enjoy leading this type of workshop where people learn to make something that they would have considered buying in a shop. I think it really helps people to see the value in making something for yourself and that you can create something beautiful easily.
Oh, beware.  that sounds like I may start on my jolly old anti capitalist rant there so will stop myself before I get started and leave that for another day.
I bet you cant wait.

I could write a tutorial but many others have already done it better than I so I will point in in their direction.
A good one here using a thick cord.
This one uses pretty beads.
or this one uses the content of a tool box to good effect.
lots of tutorials on video tutorials as well if you prefer to watch how to do it.

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Alida said...

These look lovely. Much nicer to make things yourself, shop bought stuff is really boring though!
Nice interesting blog!