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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

like a lotus flower

I had a wonderful gift to arrive the other day.
Last year some time I entered into a swap, and I cant even think of the name of the shop that organised it.
its somewhere in the US and may have a name something based on french knots but the information is long gone.  
Anyway, you know me, I love a swap.

I was matched up with a lovely lady from the US called Mary Ann.
We swapped details and made our embroideries and wrapped them up to whizz across the pond.
Unfortunately Mary Anns parcel was lost in the post. How awful is that...
That was all last year, and Mary Ann is not someone to give up easily even with Christmas and life getting in the way in between.
Then the other day I had a lovely surprise when this wonderful parcel arrived from Mary Ann.

It is a beautiful hand embroidered piece rather reminiscent of sashiko with a pale thread on a dark background.
Around the outside she has embroidered

 like a lotus flower in full bloom, beautiful and strong

After I had picked myself up on the floor from such a touching comment I found some wonderful little lace cloths inside the parcel as well.
I dislike January intensely and sometimes it hard to detach it from myself.
This came just on the right day.


Cate said...

beautiful, what a thoughtful gift, lucky you! thank you for your comment, i am excited, and yes it is soon, 3 months to go - eeek!

Cate, x

red2white said...

I am with you - on the January topic... and admire Mary Ann, it takes a strong spirit to get over the poor postal services

Mary Ann said...

I am so glad you liked it, and even with postal difficulties I'm very happy we 'swapped'. I thought that I hadn't looked at your blog in awhile and your lovely photos throughout are a visual joy!