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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

quick and easy birthday cards

 March and April are busy months for birthdays for me.
I am trying to be organised and wrote a list of the cards and gifts needed to get me through the next 2 months
It was long.
I need a quick way to make pretty cards.
Then I dropped  lots of paint charts on the floor.
I use them to teach with to help people make colour schemes. I like the Dulux ones that where ther are 5 or 6 tones of the same colour. 

Lightbulb momnet.

I dont claim it to be my idea. I am sure it is out there already and if you have seen it I will happily link to it.

Paint chart + small flower punch = pretty card.

and some interesting scraps!


Gina said...

That's a lovely idea!

Cate said...

What a super idea, i always falter when it comes to making cards, i will definitly be using this in the future! I also love the idea of a space quilt, my hubby to be loves star gazing, so i might borrow this idea too!

Thank you for the inspiration,

Cate, x

Sampson and Lorrie said...

Really cute card! Thanks

Iz said...

Now that's a genius idea, and no, I haven't seen it anywhere else before, and yes! I bought one of those cutting devices just yesterday - hooray!

dynadisoza said...

Birthday is great time to every one. You share brilliant idea for make birth day card at home. Its too good.


Andy said...

what a fantastic idea - so cute