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Monday, 20 February 2012

Finish it or get rid of it

Some of the things that have been finished in my 2 month finsih-a-thon.
 A bag that just needed the handles added (!)
 A baby quilt for a baby born last June (!)
 A really hard to photograph space quilt started just under a year ago.
A gift for j so we can sleep under the stars together.
 Actually a year to finish something is quite quick for me.
Getting bored of finishing things now.


Anonymous said...

a brilliant way to start the year! Just adore the snipits of the romantic star quilt.

Deborah O'Hare said...

I know the feeling. I am trying to finish things also.
Looking good at your end!

Anonymous said...

I awarded you the Liebster Blog Award.

Hannah said...

These are lovely- the bag especially is great!

Hannah xx